Saturday, March 19, 2016

Author, Educator & Public Speaker

Author of Inspirational Books 

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Author of Educational Books

Educational Qualifications:

  •     Doctor of Theology
  •     Post-Graduate Diploma in Counseling
  •     Master of Education
  •     Master of Arts in English Language & Literature

Professional Experience:

  • Teacher of English and  Computer Applications in Africa and in the USA (1984 - 2012)
  • A counselor at Vipasana Emotional Support Centre (since 2015)
  • Part-time professor of English at the Nagpur Orthodox seminary  (Since 2013)
  • Associate of Sopana Academy, Kottayam  (Since 2015)
  • Coordinator of Gregorian Study Circle   (Since 2000)

Public Speaker

Available to make presentations and classes to adults, youth, and children on topics such as the
  • The Christian View of Life
    • Christian Worldview
    • God-Man-World Relationship
    • How to Understand the Bible
    • Salvation 
    • Christian Mission
  • Christian Worship
    • The Essence of Christian Worship
    • What do we pray? 
    •  Metaphor in Liturgy  
    • Meaning of Qurbana
    • Introduction to Liturgical Syriac
  • The Life and Vision of Paulos Mar Gregorios
  • Counseling Topics
    • Transition to Adulthood
    • Maintaining Relationships
    • Career Counseling for youth



Contact Info: 

  • Mobile: 807 586 6968